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Reviews of Kapwa Conference 2 

Collated and translated by Dr. Alicia Magos, June 2008

“Very educational content and effective culture reviving activity.”
                                                                                                                 Antique Paper Reader  

"It takes courage and a dose of energy to push through with KAPWA, considering the flood and storm which hit the city of Iloilo just a few days before; nonetheless the Conference was a big success.”
                                                                                                                             Iloilo Observer

“A very good projection of our province’s activities to promote traditional arts, and so with the rest, the government should encourage and support more of these activities in the future.”
                                                                                           Antique Provincial Board Member


“I heard a lot of ideas I have never heard before. I realized there are a lot of things I should know. This is the first time I have attended a conference, which is really very interesting because of the artistic presentations. As a whole, three groups participated in the conference: the scholars, the artists and the IP culture bearers, the last mentioned considered equal with the first two. Very different and yet this should really be the case, come to think about it, for what they presented was something the first two did not know. So, how would you consider that? My province, Aklan, was not presented, however. Maybe we should be in the next conference.”
                                                                                                                  UPV Senior Librarian

“Papers are very interesting and highly informative. I really wish all professors, students, LGU’s artists and IP’s could have attended.”
                                                                                                                        Teacher Observer

The topics are well thought of, wide-ranging, highly informative, with interesting and effective modes of presentation. It is a pity that many students and teachers and other professionals and LGU’s, etc, missed it. They missed a lot of information; they could have made the conference an alternative class. They could never get in their classrooms what was shown and heard, not even in their lifetime of teaching and listening in school. But then, that would have been a logistical problem because the auditorium, which was quite big, was already full. Katrin and Kidlat with the support of the entire family were a perfect match as a couple who could organize such an activity. They have the commitment, the capability, the interest, the mission and the calling for promoting IP arts and traditional cultures with their wide contacts and love for people.”
                                                                                                                             Close Observer

“A conference like that of KAPWA should never be missed by students, professors etc. If I had my way, attendance would have been a ‘must’.”
                                                                                                            Delegate, Close Observer  

“Hangudgidkalipaykokagpagsasalamatsakahigayunanngagintaokanakonngamanginkabahinsa KAPWA 2 conference, manamibatyagonnganakaimponkasananarisaringa IP sabilogngakalibutankagdawkahanggadgidngabugalngaakoisaka IP kagnakaangkonkapinasahingaabilidadnga sang unaginahakuyanamonapangkaronisagalikakadungganan. Gusto kogidmagpasalamatsanagpatigayonkadiangaokasyonkagsamganagsakdag.”
(I was overwhelmed with happiness to be with KAPWA-2 and I was thankful for the rare opportunity given to me to be part of it. It is good to feel that one has interacted with different IP’s in other parts of the world. It is such a tremendous pride that as an IP I had acquired such a tremendous skill in epic chanting which was considered before as something to be ashamed by many of us (because of lowland attitude). For now, we realized it is a source of high respect. I really want to give my gratitude to those who organized this conference and supported/ sponsored it.)

“Nalipayakomamatisamgamadinalag-on nga IP’s kaginingmgapropesyonal. Ginapatubokagginapauswagandangultura, duroakonaman-an sakulturakaibangapungsodlabi nag id ang Japan saandangatradisynkonmagpakasal. Konwaayangkapayainditakonkakahigayunanngamaman-an o mabatianangandangakulturasanglitmanubulamangakonnatun-an saedukasyon. Nagadugangakonkapagsiksapagpadayonsapagmamuadkaamonkultura. Daadlawidon pa kami kaginuongamakatao pa kami a dugangnganaman-an sasaamonkabataan. Kagkalpayko man manginkabahinka sang konano man ngaprograma o hilikutonparasakultura. Diya man kami handamagtaoka kina-aramngakinahanglannandadurogisalamat.” (I am so thrilled to hear successful IPs talking, and professionals who developed and enhanced the growth of IP culture. I learned a lot from the cultures of other professionals especially from Japan and their marriage practices. Without KAPWA, I would not have this rare chance because I have a very low formal education. I get highly energized to continue working for the enhancement of my indigenous culture. It is my desire that God will give us elders a longer life so we can still hand over indigenous knowledge to our children; and it is my joy and pride to be part of any activity or undertaking related culture. We (elders) are here and we are ready to share knowledge with those who need it. Thank you and we hope to have KAPWA-3.
                                                                                                               Amang Romulo “Baoy”
                                                                                                   Assistant to the Living Master

“Mam Katrin, nagpapasalamat ako dahilnagkaroon ng isang Katrin de Guia at Kidlat Tahimik na katulad ninyo nakahit galing sa Alemanya (Katrin) ngunit ang puso ninyo ay tunay na Pilipino. Maraming salamat sa lahat na tulong na ibinigay ninyo sa akin at sa aking grupo. Umaasa ako na magkikita pa tayong muli sa KAPWA-3.”
                                                                                                         Amang Federico “Tuohan”
                                                                                         Central Panay SLT / BalayTurun-an

“Nalipaygidtamunngatungud gin-akingtamunKatrin. Kan unanahuyakamikangamonkultura, pero du karonwaradunkaminahuya. Gina aking gain kami NCCA kamgataga Manila mahuya pa kami. Ginatib-ong gain nandamahuya pa kami sayagabanwangangagayagutaanamonngamanol? Tungudkadiapime kami ginabuolkagginadarasamganagakalainlainngamga activities.” (Before, we feel timid of our culture, but now we are no longer timid about it. NCCA and the people in Manila are supporting us, so why should we feel ashamed? They are lifting us, so why will we be ashamed of the town people, who ridicule us for being ignorant? Because of our culture, we always get invited to different activities.)
                                                                                                        Lucia “Mehoran” Caballero
                                                                                               Manunubok, Central Panay SLT


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